An Injured Mom Lay Helpless On The Highway. Now Watch What Her Son Does…

April 14, 2015 Videos

Thank goodness this story has a happy ending!

We’ve shown you daring highway dog rescues before, like the one that these incredibly brave bikers performed…but I’ve never seen one like this. When a dog named Chilly was injured in the middle of a busy highway, another brave dog came to her rescue. He wasn’t just any pup, though — he was Chilly’s son. The German shepherd mix stayed by his mom’s side the whole time as she lay defenseless on the road, fending off any cars or people that came near her. Little did he know that the people trying to get close to her weren’t trying to hurt her, but to save her life.

It’s no secret that dogs will do almost anything to rescue the ones they love, just like this dog who saved his little human from getting kidnapped. Still, the way that this pup protected his mom at any cost broke my heart. He never stopped fighting for her, even while cars flew past and strange humans tried to get in his way. Thankfully, police were eventually able to get the injured Chilly out of the busy road. Both dogs were reunited with their owner, and Chilly escaped her terrifying ordeal with just a broken leg. Both Mama and baby are now doing just fine!

My heart was pounding through this whole video, but I’m so glad that everything turned out alright. Thank goodness for the brave people who got these dogs out of harm’s way, and for the brave shepherd who risked everything to keep his mom safe and sound.

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