He Pulls On A Strange-Looking Box. What Comes Out? I NEED This!

April 14, 2015 Videos

Idefinitely need one of these in my backyard!

Izzy Swan loves getting super creative with his woodworking, and it shows in the many awesome products he’s crafted and invented. But the Eizzy Folding Table has got to be my favorite out of all his neat projects! We’ve shown you other transforming tables before, such as this one that turns into a bench, but this one is by far the coolest I’ve seen.

The best thing about this invention is that you’d neverguess that it was a table were you to see it folded up. It looks more like a mysterious box — but when he started to unfold it, my jaw dropped! I can’t even imagine all the planning it took to create something like this. Even cooler is that its design makes it way more portable than your average plastic fold-up table and chairs. In just seconds, you can take it from your garage and have it unfolded and ready to seat four people! It reminds me of this table that can be made twice as big just by turning it.

Luckily, you don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars for the Eizzy Folding Table. In fact, the designer has made the building plans available for free on his website! So if you or someone you know wants one of these awesome, secret furniture pieces, you can build it yourself and really make it your own.

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